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Experience the Transformative Benefits of PBM Light Therapy with World Leading Technology

Treat Many Acute & Chronic Conditions
Anti-Aging. Increase Collagen
Reduce Inflammation & Pain
Treat Skin Conditions. (Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis)
Increase Energy and Stamina
Optimize Health and Wellness
Enhance Physical & Cognitive Performance
Heal Wounds & Sports Injuries Faster
Health Canada Approved

Which are the Best Light Beds?

Photobiomodulation (PBM) Light Bed Therapy, also known as Red Light Therapy, is safe, natural and FDA & Health Canada approved. Light Beds are becoming very popular because of their amazing health benefits. However, not all light therapy technology is created equal. Our research and experience has led us to only two Light Bed manufacturers that we are confident to recommend to you.

We Recommend ARRC and NovoTHOR Beds
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World-Leading PBM Light Energy Science & Technology

ARRC and NovoTHOR are the two Light Therapy Bed brands most trusted and used by Professional Sports Teams, Olympic Athletes, NASA, Military Divisions, World Leaders and Leading Health Facilities Globally. Not only are they the best for Pain Relief and Accelerated Healing, they Optimize our Body’s Cellular Energy (ATP) by Correcting and Restoring Cellular Signature Blueprints so our Body Heals and Rejuvenates Itself. They also improve cognitive function and help prevent disease. HEALTH BENEFITS

Pioneers & Innovators in PBM

Both ARRC and NovoTHOR are pioneers and innovators in Photobiomodulation (PBM) and very active in initiating and participating in research projects to advance the field of Photomedicine.

Technological Advancements

ARRC and NovoTHOR have spent many years developing their technology and use only the best quality components. ARRC is now going beyond “PBM Light” and incorporating other energy healing modalities in their next generation of Light Beds. Details below.

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we are PBM experts AND PRACTITIONERS with OVER six years of clinical experience
we have researched, tried and tested these light beds
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Used by professional athletes, world leaders and celebrities alike, these brands have proven results.

ARRC & NovoTHOR Light Bed Details

Best PBM Light Beds

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Both ARRC and NovoTHOR are manufactured in the USA.


the ATP – RFQ

2. NovoTHOR



ARRC stands for Advanced Rejuvenation and Recovery Chambers. ARRC LED is a factory direct manufacturer, designed, built and sourced in the USA.

ARRC is a global leader in PBM technology known for its quality, longevity, safety and effectiveness. They are continually upgrading their Light Beds to reflect the latest research findings in science and technology. They are now introducing other energy healing modalities such as RF, Rife, PEMF and TENS in their newest models.

“Feel, Think, Look, and Perform… Better!” 
“This system will change medicine”

ARRC Light Bed Models

ARRC has three models of LED whole-body Light Beds. The “ATP Max”, “ATP – RFQ” and the newest model, the “Elysium”. The new RFQ and Elysium models are going “Beyond Light” to incorporate sophisticated new healing energy frequency technology and diagnostic functions that no other Light Bed manufacturer has. Anyone who has experienced these new models has one common word to describe it – “AMAZING!”

ARRC delivers to your door and sets up and trains you on the use of your Light Bed. There is a 5 year warranty and an on-site service promise.

Please contact Best Light Beds for more details and specifications.

“On full-body beds, I massively recommend ARRC LED, They are doing things no other company is doing”. Jerry S. – Harvard University

MODEL 1: The ATP Max

The ATP Max

The ATP Max has attained what Dr. Hamblin (Ph.D. and world leading researcher on PBM) suggests is the optimum dosing protocol. It has six wavelengths of light including: Green at 528 nm, Red at 633 and 660 nm, and Near Infrared (NIR) at 810, 850 and 940 nm. It also has programable pulsing options to 200,000 Hz.
It is 80 inches long.



RF stands for Resonant Frequencies. This model has the same light wavelengths as the ATP Base but it also serves as a high performance RIFE machine in a Light Bed. Each of the six wavelengths (6 channel) are individually pulse controlled up to 400,000 Hz.
It is 86.5 inches long.

This model includes revolutionary energetic imprints (Q for Quantum Imprinting Codes) designed to bring the body blueprint back to its original healthy function. In the same manner that PEMF, TENS, and RIFE work, this Bed delivers predetermined frequency sets to build cellular health.

Elysium ARRC Light Bed Medical Device
MODEL 3: The Elysium

The Elysium Device

This is the ultimate integration of an energy medicine device combining Photobiomodulation (six wavelengths), Resonance Frequencies (RF), Quantum Imprinting, PEMF, Scalar Field, and TENS all into a multi-wave powerhouse with capabilities to 1,000,000 Hz.

This ground-breaking device Detects and Corrects energetic imbalances, resets the body back to it’s original blueprint and Tracks user progress to monitor their conditions.

2. NovoTHOR

NovoTHOR, the sister company to THOR Laser, makes high performance LED Light Beds. They manufacture the high-precision components and assemble the NovoTHOR in the United States. It is a Class II Medical Device. 

Science. Not Magic.

Information and Testimonial Video – NovoTHOR

NovoTHOR Light Bed

NovoTHOR has one high quality Whole Body LED Light Bed with 2 wavelengths in the Red and Near Infrared spectrums.

NovoTHOR delivers to your door, sets up your Light Bed and ensures you understand how to use it. There is a 5 year warranty. They have sales and service experts in USA and Canada and many other countries around the world.

“After three treatments I was pain free for the first time in 7 years.”

NovaThor light bed


NovoTHOR is a whole body delivery system of PBM Therapy that has been designed to deliver optimal wavelengths or red and near infrared, power densities and dosages based on published clinical research outcomes. 

Wavelengths are Red (660nm) & Near Infrared (850nm). Two Sizes: 7 feet long and 7.8 feet long.

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