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Why Light Therapy?

People are choosing more natural and holistic methods of healing and Photobiomodulation (PBM) Light Therapy, also know as Red Light Therapy, is no exception. Its popularity is rising and for good reason. IT WORKS! It is backed by decades of scientific research and clinical trials and is FDA & Health Canada approved. Light Beds using premier PBM technology are a true game changer and the go-to for many professional sports teams, Olympic athletes, celebrities, NASA and leading health care facilities.

Light Beds are available to all!

How Do They Work?

Photobiomodulation (PBM) Light Therapy promotes natural healing at the cellular level.

PBM Light Therapy heals damaged cells by targeting oxidative stress in the mitochondria of your cells. PBM technology is based on decades of research and scientific studies and clinical trials.

Arrc polychromatic light bed

PBM benefits our skin, body and brain.

Performance Enhancement
Pain Relief
Auto-Immune Disease Treatment
Immune Support
Disease Prevention

PBM Therapy is used for almost ANY health condition.

Because it works at the cellular level to reduce oxidative stress (inflammation) and allow our cells to heal, PBM can help a wide variety of conditions including injury healing, acute & chronic pain, auto-immune conditions, fibromyalgia, arthritis, skin conditions, chronic fatigue, neurological conditions, Covid 19 and respiratory illness recovery and so much more!

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Top quality Light Beds are used by professional athletes and sports teams.

Along with its healing qualities, PBM is great for overall wellness and achieving peak performance!

Accelerated Injury Healing
Concussion Recovery
Performance Enhancement
Optimal Cellular Energy
Workout Recovery

These teams all use ARRC Light Beds

What do Tom Cruise, Kendall Jenner & Tony Robbins have in common?

They all have Light Beds! Whether for enhanced performance, anti-aging, disease prevention or recovery, these celebrities and many others are reaping the amazing benefits of PBM Light Therapy.

Tony Robbins on PBM Technology

However, all Light Beds are not created equal…

Whether for your clinic, gym, or home use, purchasing a Red Light Therapy Bed is a BIG investment.
We are very well versed in Light Bed benefits, quality, cost comparisons, purchasing, and logistics, as we’ve been through it ourselves. We use the highest grade PBM equipment in our clinic and have seen amazing and life-changing results over the past six years. We can help! Contact Us

Our Recommendations

Our research and experience has led us to only two manufacturers that stand up to the quality of engineering, component parts, service and RESULTS that we are confident to recommend to you – ARRC & NovoTHOR.

Healing • Anti-AgingPain ReliefImmune SupportDisease Prevention

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